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LCD, LCOS and LED projectors also share many common problems; Notable ones are as following;

  • Boot issue
  • Faulty lenses.
  • Expanding purple blotches on the screen
  • Yellowish, bluish or greenish tinged image

Boot Issue. 
After a period of time, mainly just after running out of warranty, projector may start having problem igniting the lamp. This could be due to spent lamp of a more serious issue with the power of main board. When this occurs, the first point of call would be the lamp. Try a new lamp. If after replacing the lamp the projector still would not boot, it is time to seek for professional help.

Faulty lenses.
Dust and soot may accumulate in the lenses assembly causing it to jam. Fixing this may require a complete replacement of the lenses assembly.

Expanding purple blotches on the screen
LCD panels do wear out. The most susceptible panel to UV light is the blue channel. When the blue channel is worn, the projector will start to display shimmering purple color that may start off as a blotch and over a number of minutes completely cover the screen of the projector. This is a high level repair work that are best left to professionals.

Yellow, blue or green tinged image.
This is also a common fallout of faulty Polaroid glass of the LCD panel. As with the above, it also requires the replacement of at least one or all the panels, depending on whether the panels are fused or not.

Projector Colour Wheel Repair

Projector Colour Wheel Repair

Projector Colour wheels are one of the most vulnerable component in a DLP projector. A number of things can happen to the colour wheel. Most especially noise and wobbling as a result of dust and soot on the wheel as they tend to get clogged up with dust and soot when in use in a dusty and smokey environment such as bars and restaurants. Excessive dust and soot on the wheel often result in the breakage of the segments.

  • A dusty colour wheel inevitably lead to degradation of the quality of the projected image. While a breakage of a segment or more will translate to loss of the broken colour. Colour wheel with broken segment will also become noisy with whirring or buzzing noise.
  • Colour wheels can sometime actually explode as a result of friction caused by accumulated dust and soot. Also sudden shock can cause the color wheel to break up. When any of these anomalies are noticed, it is time to seek for professional help
white spots on projector screen repair

White Sports on Projector Screen

DLP projectors on the other hand are susceptible to chip failure. When the chips fails, there will be appearance of snowy spots on projected images. These normally would be round and fairly regular in shape. Once these spots start to appear, the situation will gradually degrade to a point that the screen would be completely covered with the spots

lcd projector optical block

Other Projector Issues

Other replacement part that may be affected are LCD panels in LCD projectors. When dust and soot sette on the panels, they become susception to heat. This will eventually lead to the damage of the polaroid glass thereby causing loss of colors.

Ballast fans, lamp blower fans and chassis fans all are susceptible to damage when dust and soot accumulate on them.

Regular maintenance will ensure that the dust and soot are cleared and that the internal temperature of the projectors are kept with manufacturers recommended range that will ensure that the projector continues to work at optimum performance level, year after year.